Summer Camp: Days 7-8

So I’ve been slacking off too much…

So on Tuesday, we did a morning trail ride and an optional afternoon ride. We  took several trails, including the Jellybean trail. We weren’t able to trot much because Utah was in the back with Kat and kept running into Murphy’s behind. We went to one o’clock vaulting, where we started to do doubles vaulting (we’re the only camp to have thought of it, thanks to another camper and I). I’m the person who will be vaulting on the neck of Smokey, and when doing half flag, I fell off of his side from losing my balance. We rode a second time, with an optional ride. We could tack our horses and start to learn our drill team, or sit outside and watched. I of course chose the first option, and tacked Chuck-E quickly and mounted him. We practiced pair riding, before doing our drill team and it was chaos.

Today was a special day, our lunch trail day! We were going on the same day as the other Western C camp, so we left after them (they left an hour late..). Since we had time, we practiced our drill team. Which was still chaos. We loped before dismounting and prepping for the long trail ride coming up. I tied my water bottle onto the horn of my saddle, which we would later learn was a bad idea (it snapped off and spooked Snickers). It was a really fun trail, but we didn’t get back to the ranch until 3:30, which was 15 minutes before we were supposed to take our horses up to their homes for the night.


sorry again for late posts…. I’m always really tired after camp and I procrastinate too much…. But I’ll try to get tomorrow’s post on time!



31 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Days 7-8

    • Joe has a tom thumb, just like Sherlock. I already miss him, but at least he’s a lesson horse and i can ride him again jn the future. I called him elvis chuckl-E

    • 😛 I really need to post (but i’ve been so lazy i still have to finish my homework and school starts next week) but i think i’m gonna start editing videos today if my flash drive will upload videos faster xD

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