Summer Camp: Day 9

On Thursday, we had a lot of work to do. We had barely started our drill team, and the show was the next day. We quickly untacked our horses and groomed them. Once we all finished, we saddled up and hopped on. We took pony arena, and practiced our drill team. We had to retired the pinwheel, since the horses wouldn’t do what we wanted. In fact, Chuck-E was even falling behind since he refused to trot! Once we finished the drill team, we practiced our transitions between gaits. On my turn, I went with Scotch and we worked on our walk-trot, trot-lope, lope-walk, lope-trot, and walk-halt transitions. Whenever I asked Chuck-E for a faster gait, he would shoot into a lope and I would have to pull back on his reins while he ran through the bit and didn’t slow down. We finished our lesson and watered our horses, untacked, and changed for vaulting. At vaulting, we learned how to come into the arena with the special vaulting entrance that they do. (it’s like you walk in sync and stuff). After a  ton of waiting for a camper to stop messing around and the sprinkler spraying us ten times, we finally got the entrance down and stretched next to the barrels. We lined up next to the barrel and practiced our doubles routines for the show. I got onto the barrel on my turn, and flipped over to the barrel’s neck as my vaulting partner got on. We were allowed to do doubles vaulting for the show, since Kat and Tasha the vaulting coach were okay with us doing it. We did our moves on the barrel, and once everyone was done, we went over to the arena and waited for our turn to practice on Smokey. On our turn, I did the same thing as I did on the barrel, except my partner fell off when we were doing half flag. We continued our routine after, doing the “W”; the “Vanavery”, a move we made up; and the “dead needle” consisting of me doing a dead barbie as my partner did needle. After, we ate lunch and resaddled our horses. We quickly bridled and walked up to the back entrance of Vista arena, where we saw prima being walked around. We quickly practiced our drill team a few times, and headed down to day camp area to clean up and get ready to put our horses away.


*formatting went weird while I was writing this*


22 thoughts on “Summer Camp: Day 9

    • Yeah, we had scotch 🙂 he was grace’s horse (blue camper when u were there) and yeah they were paired for the show

      BATTLE CRY. And they all come charging towards me.

    • there wasn’t really a “good group” we had good riders in both classes.. but I DID end up being in the class with the CAT. In my class was scotch, scout, murphy, and pumba..? i’m not sure honestly

    • rec camp? they have horses like corona, raider, pluto (when he’s not doing camp) merlin, i feel like i saw willy but it might have been a trainee riding him on the trail ride…

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