Summer Camp: Day 10

On show day, I had to go to orientation for my school, so I missed the first half of camp. When I got to camp, I had to clean my saddle while someone in my camp helped clean my saddle pad. I did that quickly, and then practiced our drill team on the ‘arena’ laid out on the grass. Once I finished all that, we had to saddle our horses. I grabbed my saddle and bridle, while Scotch’s rider helped bring my saddle pad to Chuck-E. She placed the pad on and I saddled Chuck-E up. We had lunch after, and my camp remained their spazzy selves, like always (wait no.. reverse the tacking up and lunch…). When we got back to summer camp, after saddling, we decorated our horses (I didn’t) and bridled. I tucked Chuck-E’s forelock into his headstall, making him look like the “Elvis Chuckl-E” he was. We changed for vaulting and headed straight to the barrels. My vaulting partner and I did our routine quickly after orange camp and the rest of our camp went, and we were late for the show. We rushed up to main arena, and my camp performed vaulting first. Our vaulting routine went cleanly, and once we finished, we speed-walked down to the daycamp area, quickly changed, and mounted our horses.

We did our drill team (which was a fail) and finally did our equitation class. I was in the second group, with Scotch, Scout, and some other horses. We did some sitting jog, posting  trot, walking. We did turns on the haunches and forehand, and loped with two people at a time.

I got the award for best seat.

Sorry this is really really late.. like 3 weeks late or something. But I’ve not been writing .-. I just started school last week and I’ve been doing homework a lot of the time and im busy over the weekends so yeah…But I’m going to spend the next day working on a special post. I’m thinking of doing a day where I make a post of my opinion on some equestrian thing every other week, and I was wondering, what day should it be on if I do it? 



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