Happy Birthday… To my Blog?

Hello everyone! Guess what today is? It’s my birthday It’s the first anniversary of me having my blog! Exactly one year ago was the first time I ever posted. Here’s a screenshot of my first official post:

first post

Now, since It’s been a year, I’ve decided to do a throwback post and talk about all those horses I’ve met and ridden so far during my horse life.

Ace blurAw, it’s Ace! Ace was the very first horse I ever rode. He was a flea bitten gray gelding. My first time riding was at a different ranch, doing a summer camp, before I moved up to Garrod’s. 


My second class in the 1:00 intermediate class. I had no pictures of my first time in the class (we had a sub,too). I remember, that lesson was the first time I ever did a turn on the haunches and I did it wrong…

JaxCan you believe this picture was taken over a year ago? It was part of my first post ever, and I just love Jax! He’s just as cute as Apollo, the only other Rocky  Mountain Horse at the ranch.

Me&elko 2011This picture was from 2011, my first time actually riding at the new ranch, a year after riding Ace at the other ranch. Ever since that camp, I’ve had a special place in my heart for Elko and I’ve gotten a ton better at riding. I got him as a beginner rider who couldn’t even sit a trot (don’t even ask me why I was even allowed in Western B at the time) who got a horse who was considered pretty advanced compared to most of the horses at the barn.


1920x1080_Scribblenauts_WPa wmSnickerdoodles ❤ Definitely a favorite at the ranch. I remember when Garrod’s first bought him, around May 2012. I didn’t really know much about him until I finally rode him late last year when I started the intermediate lessons at 1.

4.27.13 garrods 044 wmGosh, I still love this picture. I mean his head is up, but the picture is pretty cool to me still. Plus Rey is one of my favorite arabians I’ve ever ridden. 

chucklesIt’s Chuckles! (small picture, I know) I miss him so much 😦 Chuck-E was a great summer camp horse, and I cannot wait until I can ride him again!

Goals for this coming year of blogging

  1. Remember to do my weekly posts
  2. Write better, compared to the past year’s writing 
  3. Be more active on here as long as I don’t have too much homework.



9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday… To my Blog?

    • Haha, it was from before I even knew how long stirrups should be. And they did everything all I really learned was how to start and stop the horse and steer and trot like twostrides. it was like a green as grass camp but you do less and you learn less and stuff. so basically i skipped green as grass and western a with no experience whatsoever 😛

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