And He Dashed Off With Me. Again.

Hello readers! I never told you this, but I started lessons again!  I also had a post ready, but it got deleted. :/

On the first lesson, I rode the bay quarter horse Chuck-E! He dashed off with me twice during the lesson, but other than that was very well behaved.

This most recent lesson, I rode the cranky mare Wiz. She tried to bite/kick at the other horses in the arena, and I actually did not fall off her this time! (Unlike the last time I rode her). We practiced a our control, CA speed barrels, and clover-leaf barrel racing patterns.

I noticed I had some issues during the lesson on Wiz. I noticed that I stuck my left elbow out, which is a huge no-no. More details on lessons will be coming out starting this week; I just wanted everyone to know I started horseback riding lessons on Saturdays again!



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