The “Perks” of Riding a Horse With No Withers

For yesterday’s lesson, I rode a favorite horse, Jupiter! We had a small class, with only five students, so we were able to accomplish much more than usual during yesterday’s class.

I had a major saddle slipping issue during the beginning of the lesson, so I had to dismount in the middle of the arena and fix my saddle. I had to loosen Jupiter’s cinch, and awkwardly shoved the saddle across his back. After several attempts to move the saddle, asking passing students if it was straight, I finally was able to mount Jupiter. Jupiter would not let me mount him and would keep backing up every time I put my reins over his head, so I had to wait for Christina to hold Jupiter before I ungracefully got back on. Soon after, I began to jog him around on the rail. Christina told us to add two rounds at the lope each direction to the warm up in each direction, since we had such a small class.

10.26 lesson 007 marked

I continued to sit Jupiter’s bouncy jog, practicing halting and backing up. I finished my rounds at the trot, and began turned to lope in the same direction as Centaur’s rider. I cued Jupiter to lope and he went into his fast, awkward lope that I rode oddly, flopping out of the saddle while he sped around, going the opposite direction as Centaur.

After warm up, we formed a line behind me and practiced quadrangle stake race. We first began at the trot, and Jupiter made all the turns tight and quick, easily doing the pattern. The second time around, we did it at the lope and Jupiter still did it pretty effortlessly. 10.26 lesson 011 marked

After, we loped together as a group in both directions. I flopped out of the saddle a bit, not sitting his lope as well as I used to. We then did keyhole three times, once at the trot and twice at the lope. Jupiter went into the narrow pathway straight, and turned cleanly. The same applied with both times at the lope, and we cooled our horses down once we finished keyhole. We did emergency dismounts at the walk, played doggy for five minutes and took our horses up to the office.10.26 lesson 023 marked


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