Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, all my special followers and readers! Halloween is finally here, and we get to go trick-or-treating (unless you’re Ivana)! I threw together a little image for you, of Jax before he moved out of his stall! Have a spooky night!



Dyvergent ♥


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I love your blog 🙂 every post makes me smile. It’s helped me get through the worst news of my life, which I just found out today: I have to put my first horse down 😥 right after I found out I got an email about your post. It made my day a little better 🙂

        • That’s great, you won’t forget him! I know how you feel, I lost the horse that taught me how to ride too. He wasn’t my horse, but a school horse at the ranch I ride at. He was the one to teach me how to trot, canter, post, do drill team, and so much more, but he was sold because he started to develop some major leg issues.

        • haha 😛 the first horse I fell off of was when we were loping stirrupless and I slipped when I lost balance. I landed on my feet…. but I still haven’t broken a bone yet

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