It’s Early!

It’s Early! I came home from school today to a white package on my porch, with my name on it. I grabbed it and went into the house, wondering what it was. I threw my backpack down along with my biology textbook, and flipped the bag over to see if I could get any hints to what I had received. On the bag was a large logo printed on the back, showing the image of a horse with the word SMARTPAK underneath.

I realized where I got the package, and I couldn’t help but jump in excitement at my package to come. It was delivered early, since it was supposed to be delivered on Monday. I quickly opened the pack, pulling out the three items I ordered. I checked the size of all my stuff: gloves, shirt, and jeans, and packed them back up before I lost anything.

I’m really happy to have gotten my new riding gloves for the winter, since it gets cold riding in summer gloves. Now that I have fleece gloves, I can ride without my fingers falling off. I got a green Hunter shirt, even though I don’t even ride English, since the design and color of the Hunter shirt is really pretty. I also really love the jeans I got, since they actually do give you more movement in areas normal jeans would not let you move in. I can’t wait until I can wear all of my apparel!

Dyvergent ♥


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