Play Day 2013

Wow. I’m having a horse filled weekend compared to normal. I spent three hours at the ranch yesterday, at the Student Play Day! I participated in California Speed Barrels on Jupiter, Barrel Racing (cloverleaf) on Snickers, and Quadrangle Stake Race on Snickers.

My first event I participated in was California Speed Barrels.


I rode Jupiter for this event, and we placed! I loped him through the pattern, weaving through the cones. After we weaved two barrels, Jupiter broke into a trot and did not lope until we turned around to weave home.  I earned fourth place, getting a beautiful blue and white ribbon.

My next event was Barrel Racing, in a cloverleaf pattern.

I rode Snickers for this event, though he seemed unsure about loping or turning. We slowly loped the pattern, not as fast as Kash’s rider (Congratulations, by the way). Upon approaching the second barrel, Snickers refused to turn and was probably about to buck, trying to put his head down. I kicked him and steered him around the barrel, even though he walked around the barrel instead of trotting or loping around it.  We got a fairly slow time compared to the rest of the competitors, except Snickers did not buck, which is a great accomplishment. He had bucked and acted up while we did patterns the past few weeks, leading someone in my lesson and I to hope he wouldn’t. 
The last event I participated in was Quadrangle Stake Race.
Snickers was ready to lope on this event, and I didn’t have to kick him as much to get him to go. He still didn’t lope as fast as the other horses, but he still did not buck or throw any tantrums. Beforehand, I did not need my stirrups adjusted since I was the only one who rode him for the night. We loped around the first two poles, but when we approached the last cone, Snickers did not turn and I had to split my reins to turn him around. We trotted around the last pole and cantered to the finish line. Sadly we didn’t place, but I still had fun!
Overall, this year’s play day was a great experience that I want to have again!
Dyvergent ♥

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