Pony Bites and New Horses

Saturday was another long horse day. I spent from 11 AM to 2 PM at the ranch, with the horses. I arrived at 11 to visit a certain friend who leases a chestnut OTTB (Ivana). After walking around the ranch twice, I finally found her. We went to Warren’s post, where Ivana untacked and groomed her horse.

When grooming, I was standing next to Warren’s head, facing away from him. I suddenly felt a little pinch on the back of my leg, and I turned around to see what just happened. Warren had bitten my leg. I scolded him, and proceeded to watching Ivana groom him. We spent some time at Warren’s post, and then I led him to the Pony Arena with Ivana to let him roll again. We spent about ten (maybe?) minutes in there, when someone came down to the arena. We haltered Warren (Ivana did, I failed again) and I walked him back to his post where I tied him up and we groomed him again.

Once it was 12:45, I went and received my helmet and gloves from the car. I then walked up to the arena for my lesson. We were allowed to choose who was to ride Carson the new horse this week, and I was the one who got the chance to ride him. I mounted him and once I was about to go, he flipped out and tried to go back to the office. I smacked him and he hesitantly walked down into the arena. He plodded around while warming up, me constantly asking him to pick his feet up.

I trotted him, and it was one of the smoothest I had ever felt. The only other horse whose trot could compare to his was Lakota, whose trot was like floating. We jogged around the arena and tried halting and backing up. We switched directions and jogged on, warming up still.

We slowed to a walk and loped on the inside. We loped with two to three people at the same time, and when I was called to lope, I gave Carson a kick and kissed. He went into a death trot, and Christina told me to pull his nose in by checking on the reins. I did so, and cued him to lope. He finally went to a lope after a circle of kicking, kissing, and whipping with the reins, and I sat his lope while steering him with my legs and bumping to keep him moving forward. He broke down from the lope a few times, but I got him back up to the lope pretty quickly.

We all finished loping in one direction, and turned on the haunches. We jogged a circle around the arena and loped again. On my turn, Carson would not pick up his lope, and when he did, it was on the incorrect lead. I pushed his hip in and asked him to lope again. I had to swat him with the reins a few times and pull his nose in, but loping went the same as the previous time. We finished loping, and Christina told us to give our horses their heads and lengthen their reins. We trotted with long reins, being allowed to post their trots if we wanted to. We reversed directions at the trot with our long reins, and were told to sit our horses’ jogs. After, we cooled down using the whole arena and dismounted. Carson was super easy to lead around, an we walked up to the office where I handed him off to and trainee.

Dyvergent ♥

I changed the look of my blog, with a new theme. I also changed my ‘Horses’ page, so go check that out if you have the time!


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