Guest Post: Chosen By A Horse by Anythingforhorseandrider

She was pimply, over weight, and extremely frightened by everything.  Her hair was oily and it hung down on her face, partially covering her eyes.   I could sense that the other girls were not particularly fond of her.  She was part of a girl scout troop visiting my farm, Raise Your Dreams Farm in southern New Jersey.

While the other girls bounded from one learning station to another, she slowly and painfully walked with trepidation.  Each station taught a different skill.  The first station taught how to ride a horse, the next how to lead a horse safely, and the last, how to groom a horse.  The grooming station was in the courtyard, which is surrounded by the horse pastures.  I always have the students groom the quietest, sweetest horse here- Pumpkin.  She stood rigid, her back to the fence leaning as far as she could away from the swish of the horse’s tail.  Every movement of the horse was met with her gasping in terror.

Raise Your Dreams, my retired beautiful show horse, decided to check out all of the commotion.  He stood at a distance then he slowly walked up behind the awkward girl.  She was caught up in watching the persistent tail that she never heard Raise Your Dreams approaching.  Then he did something that he only did with me, he reached over the fence arching his beautiful neck and gently placed his head on her shoulder.  She was paralyzed with fear. Surely she was thinking that this horse would kill her.

Then he slowly pulled her in close, as if “hugging” her fear away.

“Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this, Raise Your Dreams, the most powerful horse here has chosen you to be his friend!” I exclaimed.  All of the other girls stopped to watch this miracle taking place.

I explained the nuances of horse language and what he was demonstrating.  One of the more popular girls shoved her away and said that she wanted to see if he would do it to her too.
He walked away.

Then the shy girl stood by the fence again, and  Raise Your Dreams walked back and placed his gentle head across her shoulder.  This time, she had a smile as large as the Ocean.  Fear had been replaced with pride.  Out of all of the girls, she was the only one that had gotten chosen by a horse.

Later, I overheard her conversation with her mother,  “Mom, I got chosen by a horse.  His name is Raise Your Dreams and he is Miss Jill’s show horse.  No, I wasn’t scared.  It was the best time of my life!”  I know she will always remember the day that only ONE got chosen by the most magnificent horse at the farm.  Like his name implies, she can always raise her dreams!

That’s why I love horses, they always know what we need!


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