I’m Back

I’m finally back. Back to riding, meaning back to blogging. It’d been a month of not riding, and almost two months without a lesson with Christina.

Before I did any riding last week, I decided to visit Ivana and Warren. We went up together early in the morning, and took the Thoroughbred out of his pasture. Ivana tied him up, and groomed him. We made his food while calling River’s owner to see if Ivana could ride River. Poor Warren, being injured again. Ivana got permission to ride the moody mare, we took her out. Ivana groomed River, swatting away her face each time she tried biting her.

We struggled with tacking River up, since we could not find the bridle she wanted- there was only a bridle with a curb bit, and one with a snaffle and romal reins. Ivana was looking for the bridle with a snaffle bit and “normal” reins. She ended up using the romal reins, since she couldn’t find the bridle she was searching for.

She mounted and warmed up, riding River around the dressage arena. I sat outside on a chair, watching her ride. We put the horses away and I went back down to the office. I sat and ate lunch while watching the 11:00 class end and the 12:00 class start.

For my class, we got to choose our horses. The person who usually rode Gary was absent, so I decided to try him out. I was just wondering if I would ever be able to ride him. So I chose Gary, the pretty palomino owned by the ranch. I mounted and got my stirrups adjusted  (one ended up being a hole too long during the lesson). I warmed him up, walking three circles in each direction like normal. When I trotted Gary, he would do weird hops like he was trying to go into a lope. I kept him from loping, and did the circles each direction while practicing halting and circling. Christina added something new to our warmup, which was lope two circles in each direction, with a maximum number of two people loping at once on the inside. When the inside of the arena cleared up a bit, I turned Gary to the inside and loped him for two circles. His slow and controlled lope made it easy for me to make sure I was sitting in the saddle the whole time, while controlling his speed and where he was going. I walked him and waited for the rest of the class to lope this direction, before we all reversed and did the same thing the other direction.

Once everybody was done with warmup, we were to pair up with somebody. I paired up with somebody, and we worked on pair riding for a short moment of time before doing drill team for the majority of the class. (Let’s just say, our class’s drill teams never turn out well)

Once we finished our drill team, we turned our horses into the center and dismounted. I grabbed a cone from the corner of the arena, and dropped it off in front of the announcer’s booth at the short end of the arena. We walked our horses up.



6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I just signed up for the 2 week Western B camp the 4th one and am on the waiting list for the 2 week Western C camp. OMG JOE IS NOT GOING TO BE IN CAMP THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! I really want Snickers now …

    • He’s not?!?! and Which B camp? camp #4? and Western C camp is fun 🙂 But you finish riding RIGHT before I start 😦 your parents must be rich to send you to 2 two week camps…

  2. No … I am only going to one because I wanted to originally go the C camp but there were no spots and so I signed up for the B camp but if someone drops out from the C camp then I only go to the C camp. Its kind of confusing but my parents would NEVER send me for 2 two week camps. It already took me like a year to beg them to even send me to a 2 week camp or even a camp.

    • Oh, I see. Hopefully you get into the C camp! It’s loads of fun and you learn a lot (unless you’re me and you’ve learned all the stuff already)

      On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 7:51 PM, Just That Random Horse Blog wrote:


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