Pretty Princess Josephine

Last Saturday, we got a few horses we hadn’t had in a while. Like Joe. Christina let us choose our horses again, based on who arrived when. The person who arrived earliest would be able to choose first, the latest arrival would choose last. (If only it was the week before! I could have said I had been at the ranch since 9 in the morning, in the wind up in the hill with all the boarded horses). I got to choose third, so I chose a horse I hadn’t really ridden much. Also known as Joe. I got onto the light gray Arabian gelding and walked into the arena. I could have shortened my stirrups one hole, but I decided not to.

photo 2

We warmed up, and did the same thing as last week. We added two laps of loping each direction. When I loped counterclockwise,  I accidentally made my circle too small and couldn’t lope much. I worked on keeping him slow and calm. When everyone finished loping in one direction, We all went and loped the other direction too.  When I loped him this direction, it was a lot smoother. Joe loped in a big circle, and kept a slow, constant pace. He didn’t rush into the lope, or run through the bit.

We did more drill team after loping. It wasn’t successful like the previous week, either. More people returned from being absent for a while, so they had no idea what was going on. Drill team ended up being a wreck with half the class being clueless, and me being paired up with a colder horse when I was riding a pretty hot horse.

We finished the drill team and dismounted. Some people put cones away, and the rest of us brought our horses up to the office.

photo 1

Mr. PerfectJOsephine


8 thoughts on “Pretty Princess Josephine

  1. Lucky! Wow its been a long time! Sorry I had finals and a lot of work. Do you know if Garrod Farms put out the summer camp schedule yet?

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