I See Why You’re Not A Beginner Horse Now

Christina was back this week, and she let us choose our horses on the order we arrived at the ranch. I chose a horse who I hadn’t ridden in a while, Smokey. I had the choice to ride Jupiter again, but I decided to might as well try riding Smokey again and see if riding him was any easier. I can say one thing: It’s not.

I mounted the grey pinto gelding and walked him into the arena. While walking around, he would stop and pretend to pee. A lot. I had to kick him to steer him and keep him onto the rail, since he wasn’t responsive to the reins at all. We trotted around in each direction, with me still kicking him to steer him and keep him moving.

We loped two at a time after. Joe’s rider and I went first. Joe loped easily, and was able to stop quickly. I, on the other hand, had issues with Smokey. He would keep going back out to the rail and breaking out of the trot, so I would have to tug on the reins and bump him the entire time. While tugging on the left rein and kicking, I would also have to sometimes pop him with the end of the reins to get him to go and listen to me.

We did the same the other direction, and it took me a few rounds less to get him to lope a full round without breaking down.

We were going to do drill team, except we had too many moody horses in our class (Smokey, Lakota..) so we ended up doing an exercise we had done a few months ago. We were supposed to lope to a cone, and be walking by the time we reached another cone almost one horse-length away.

My turn went pretty well, except for the fact that I accidentally slowed him down early. The next two tries went a lot better, where I was able to get Smokey walking at the second cone.

We dismounted, and Christina shared with us some news before we cleaned up the arena. She was going to stop teaching the Saturday group lessons because she wouldn’t show up for most of the rest of the year. We cleaned up the cones, and put our horses away. My friend and I, since we wouldn’t (I may) be there for her last lesson with us, went and talked to Christina before we probably wouldn’t see her often anymore.


25 thoughts on “I See Why You’re Not A Beginner Horse Now

  1. Is she going to stop teaching all lessons or on Saturday only? OMG! Camp schedules came out yesterday. What camp are you going to sign up for

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