Summer Camp

Guess what just came out on Saturday?

The summer camp schedule.

I decided that I was going to do Jr. Rodeo camp this year, but they changed the summer camps. There is no such thing as ‘Jr. Rodeo’ anymore. It’s advanced camp. I read the description of the camp, and I noticed they just basically renamed Jr. Rodeo. I signed up for it on Saturday, before my lesson. It’s the one camp that typically doesn’t fill up completely (probably because of the limited number of advanced riders who do camp).

Here’s the Advanced  Camp description:

“For the more advanced Western riders., ages 11-15. Campers will concentrate on trail riding and arena patterns. Campers will perform Gymkhana-type maneuvers. Must be able to walk, trot, lope with control and form. Must have attended a minimum of 6 weeks of Garrod Farms Summer Day camps, or have Instructor approval.

Riders will:

  • Continue reviewing all subjects in Western A , B,  and C
  • Do Precision riding
  • Test skills with gymkhana courses and trail courses
  • Do advanced trail riding
  • Learn to control and rate the speed of a horse
  • Work with the horses’ special needs
  • Explore English style riding”

Camp will be from July 7 – July 18, going through my birthday. Ivana (Horse Crazy) and another horse friend of mine will be doing the camp along with me. I’ll be sharing everything that happens!



2 thoughts on “Summer Camp

    • I don’t know. I like all of the Advanced Camp level horses. But Chuck-E again would be fun 😛 These are the horses from last year (according to tyler): Utah, Snickers, Scout, Scotch, Shooter, Alvin, Joe Fog, Centaur, Nicoya, ChuckE horses like that. Chuck-E, Centaur, and Snickers are all horses I want for camp, plus maybe Rey (but he’s typically a A/B horse)…. I feel like Carson might be an advanced camp horse.

      On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 6:04 PM, Just That Random Horse Blog wrote:


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