Western Pleasure Pony Pedro

I feel bad. I’m really really lazy. I started this post a week ago and never even finished it.

But, I rode Pedro last week. I was going to ride Rey, but he was in a BMS saddle (which is way too small for me.) I mounted Pedro and got everything adjusted, and walked him into the arena. I warmed him up, riding his very western walk and jog in both directions. Christina had us lope two at a time, whenever we wanted to. I asked Pedro to lope, and he went into a slow but smooth, rocky lope.  I sat his lope for two rounds before slowing him to a walk and letting somebody else have their turn to lope.

We reversed directions and loped clockwise. Pedro’s lope was easy to sit still, even though we were on the side he couldn’t pick up his lead on. Christina had us jog around while she set up ground poles that formed an L. We walked through the poles one by one at the walk, then she had us jog through the pattern.

We worked on regulating our horses’ speeds at the trot while everybody did the next exercise with the poles. We had to jog through, halt at the end, and back our horse up through the pattern. I worked on getting Pedro to do a faster trot and then slow down before it was my turn.

On my turn, I jogged the tiny horse through the pattern, halted him, and carefully backed him up. It went effortlessly, and I continued jogging around afterwards. We made sure our horses were cooled down, then dismounted. The cones were put away outside the arena, and we all brought our horses up to the office.

Olga, Eileen, Leslie, Erin, and I all stayed up a bit longer to say goodbye to Christina since she wouldn’t be our instructor anymore.


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