Last week was Kat’s first lesson with the 1:00 class. She assigned our horses, and gave me a fairly new horse to Garrod Farms, Carson. I mounted him and got my stirrups adjusted. The trainee tightened my cinch and I got the go-ahead to head into the arena.

I walked Carson in, and began warming him up. I had to make sure he kept doing a nice working walk, to get him prepared for everything we would be doing during the class.We rode in our half of the arena both directions, and Kat instructed us to do a posting trot. We got the whole arena eventually, so we used all the space we could.

After trotting a few rounds each direction, Kat set up a weaving pattern that we were to do without using any reins. Carson wasn’t responsive to the reins, so I ended up asking him to only yield to my legs. We didn’t worry about weaving the cones, just getting him to move over when I asked him to. He finally yielded to my leg, and I praised him. We tried at the jog, and I ended up just having Carson yield to my leg instead of weaving.

We did a serpentine pattern, where we would jog a serpentine while trying to use as little rein as possible. Carson did much better during this, doing the serpentine with a lot less effort. the next time we did it, we loped the straight parts. Carson didn’t lope when I cued him to, and tried running off with me by turning the opposite direction that I asked. I had to split my reins and pull him back to where we were going, and had him trot the serpentine. He finally loped, and we loped around our last cone and back to the end of the line.

We dismounted after and walked our horses up the arena.


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