Update on the Past Few Weeks

I haven’t been writing posts.

At All.

And I haven’t been doing Just Horsin’ Around. I haven’t gotten any pictures recently.

But I wanted to update you how lessons have been going for me the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago, I rode Pedro again. We did some stirrupless work, including posting without stirrups. We also practiced one-rein emergency stops using the whole arena. We were to lope our horses fast in an “out of control” way (which Pedro actually did not do, even though he normally does when using the entire arena), and walk them using the one-rein stop.

Last week, we got to choose our horses and I chose to ride Corona to see what he was like being ridden in the arena. We worked a lot on control, doing exercises with posting the trot, halting, walking, two point at the trot, sitting trot, and loping in random order so the horses could not anticipate anything.

Today, I had an interesting class. I chose to ride Cisco since I hadn’t ridden him in a while. We warmed up and trotted around, Cisco trotting faster than the rest of the horses in the class (typical). We did some turning on the forehand, where we halted and reversed directions. We then did circles at the walk, reversing directions at the walk by using turns on the forehand. We also worked on the same things at the trot. The last thing we did was lope. Everybody walked on the inside of the arena while one person would lope on the outside, using the inside leg to keep the horse balanced at the corners. On my turn, Cisco bolted off and I worked on steering him and slowing him down to a decent speed. When loping in the other direction, we used the entire arena and loped two at a time on the inside of the arena. Cisco got excited and I had to lope him in a smaller circle. Kat had me spiral him until he calmed down and walked. Cisco refused to walk though, until he was almost doing a pirouette at the canter. Maybe he should be a Dressage horse.

I have some news coming next week which I will definitely post about, so remember to check out this page again next week!



2 thoughts on “Update on the Past Few Weeks

  1. Cisco sounds like a fun horse to ride. I like how you did it with small circles and stuff. I’m sure you got him under control fast!
    Keep going, Greetings from Germany xx

    • Thanks! Cisco is actually a very controllable horse, it’s just that he’s very excitable. He really is a great horse, though! (Except he’s sometimes very spooky :p)

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