Two fridays ago, on March 28th, I tested out a horse to lease! I test rode Warren, who used to be Ivana’s lease horse (If you don’t know much about Ivana’s lease with him, check out her blog by clicking here).

Here’s a bit of information about Warren:

Name: Warren
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Thoroughbred (OTTB)
Age: 10
Height: 16 hands
Color: Chestnut
Discipline: Does sort of a bit of everything but mainly “Western Pleasure”

(mostly taken from Ivana’s blog)

I spent half an hour being introduced to Warren and learning about what his owner does with him. She had me saddle him, to make sure I was able to carry his saddle and tack him up for riding.

"But what if Aramyste and River eat my food?"

“But what if Aramyste and River eat my food?”

I mounted him and warmed him up in the dressage arena. Kat and I worked on introducing me to direct reining (Warren uses an english bridle and snaffle bit, and does not neck rein), getting Warren from leaning on the bit, and to get him to use his hindquarters. We worked on the end of the arena where the gate was, so I ended up having to carry his dressage whip on the outside to keep him from running out. He ran out once, and made many attempts to run off on me again. His lope is really smooth, and overall, Warren is a really fun horse to ride! Below is a video of me riding Warren.



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