Deer Dressage

This post is very awkwardly written and short:

It was my first day with Warren to ride without any instruction, but I still rode in the dressage arena.

I made him the first part of his bucket before grabbing him from the pasture. I groomed him and tacked him up, then mounted and walked him into the arena. It was windy on Saturday, so Warren was less lazy than normal. I warmed him up by walking him a few times around the whole arena in both directions before trotting him. While trotting, I worked on getting him to do a nice extended trot, since he typically gave me a slow, lazy trot. I changed directions while riding him and worked on both directions. He kept shying from the area near the B marker, and also spooked at a deer in the bushes near the E marker.

I cantered him in both directions on one end of the arena, then let him walk on the other end near the gate. I stopped to talk to my mom for a second, and she pointed out something odd.

There was a deer in the arena.

Which I had never ever seen before.

Maybe the deer wanted to do dressage.

I waited for the deer to eventually leave before riding him a bit more. I fed him, put him in the pasture, and mucked out before leaving.


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