Sore Pony :(

Saturday was one of those days that I didn’t really ride. Warren had gotten his feet trimmed just the day before, so I was going to only see if he was rideable. He wasn’t with an obvious limp on his front left hoof. Instead of being ridden, I let him chill out in the round pen for a ┬ábit, then let him graze for a while before putting him away. It was a rather uneventful day, except for one part: Warren tore the shed down. There was a little covered shack for the horses to have some shade or protection from rain, and Warren had cribbed on it so much that the whole wall fell off and the shack was only standing because of one pillar.

Cribbing while being bridled

Cribbing while being bridled


I'm surprised it's actually standing still...

I’m surprised it’s actually standing still…