English Is Hard :(

Sorry for not posting recently…

It’s been rather uneventful the past few weeks. One week, Warren was sore from getting his feet trimmed. The next week, we did a bareback ride (and I may have fallen). The next week he got kicked by a horse and was limping, so I didn’t get to ride him again. And I had finals this past week.

During those weeks that I didn’t really ride, I ordered some paddock boots and half chaps. They came in, so I rode English during my lesson on Saturday. English riding is pretty hard.

At least compared to western riding. (Unless I’m just really used to western).

I got instruction on how to sit when riding English, in a close contact saddle. I was allowed to ride with longer than normal stirrups. I warmed him up by walking around in both directions, then brought him up into the trot. I posted the trot, which felt totally weird. I was sitting too heavily in the saddle and I was leaning too far back. I was told constantly to roll my thighs into the saddle, which I constantly forgot to do. I posted the trot for a while, then cantered him on the right lead. He had to hop up to get the lead, which made me fly out of the saddle before I sat his canter.

We did the same thing on the other side, then cooled him down. My trainer had to leave to teach the group lessons down at the main arena, so I went on a little trail ride around the property with my friend walking alongside. I untacked him the prepped his bucket, mucking the field while waiting for the beet pulp to soak.



2 thoughts on “English Is Hard :(

    • Haha thanks for the tip! My trainer told me that I should have shortened my stirrups two holes so next time I have a lesson, I’ll shorten my stirrups (it’s just that western stirrups are pretty long too). I’m really looking forward to learning more English!

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