Tacking Warren up today wasn’t easy. ย His english saddle is slightly too wide, and he has withers, and he was cribbing while I was trying to saddle him. It took probably ten times before the saddle was in a somewhat acceptable position.

I warmed Warren up before my lesson, and when my trainer came, we worked on getting him to use his hindquarters. We had him work in more of a square around the arena instead of a circle, so he would have to do a turn on the forehand at the walk to turn. He didn’t exactly step over his other leg, so I had to continue turning him until he did step over. He ended up bucking in almost every corner of the arena. We did it in the other direction, where there was some improvement.

I cantered him, half halting with my outside rein and inside leg. There was major improvement from when I cantered him in the past, and we did it in the other direction before I cooled him down.

Reviewing the videos taken from today, I realized a few issues:

  • Warren just plods a lot and does not move at a good pace
  • I need to bring my shoulders back
  • I need to keep contact with my thighs
  • I need to stop posting off my feet

Overall, today was a great day! ๐Ÿ˜€

This past week was the first week of horse camp! It’s only three more weeks until my camp begins! Remember, I will be writing about it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Pictures will be coming soon!