Woops… It’s been like two months since I’ve actually posted on here.

Anyways, I’m still riding Warren! We’ve had a lot of improvement in the past two months. I’d been riding him mostly English, but I have switched back to western for the next few months! We’re doing group lessons together in main with my trainer, and it has been going very well! Warren has become a lot more responsive to me without trying to buck or get out of work. He has gained some weight and you can’t really see his ribs anymore, and his back is slowly starting to get stronger! Besides that, nothing much has happened in the horse world. I’ll try to remember to post on Saturday about our lesson and become more active on here again 🙂

Dyvergent ♥


What’s Been Going On

Haha sorry this is such a poorly written post.

I realized that I haven’t posted in quite a while, so I decided to keep you guys updated on what’s been going on.

Nothing much has happened since my last post. I’ve still been taking lessons with Warren and my trainer, and we’ve been working on getting him onto contact without leaning on the bit, as well as keeping him balanced. The most interesting thing that happened was Warren running out of the main arena, down the hill, and kicking, trying to get out of work.

I did a simple bareback trail around the ranch last week, and the pony was a lot happier! He didn’t make any attempts to bite me at all, unlike the week before.

I’ve also just begun summer camp! For the next two weeks, I will be spending practically every day at the ranch. I’m taking an advanced camp with Ivana, and so far, it’s turning out to be really fun! We vaulted in the morning, and went straight into vaulting at the trot instead of learning all the compulsories at the walk then trot. We had to do two moves on the back (one facing forward and one facing backward) and one on the neck. Everything went smoothly until I was getting off the neck and sliding onto the back, since the surcingle wasn’t put on tight enough and everything, including the pads, slid and pushed me off the horse.

We rode after, and I was put on a mare that liked to walk away at first, Kahula. Our camp  just walked, did some posting trot and trotting in two point, before switching horses a few times for the counselor to see how we did with the different horses.

We got assigned our camp horses by the afternoon ride, meaning the horses we were told to ride will most likely end up being our horse for the two weeks of camp. I was given a tall chestnut horse, Utah, for camp. We basically did the same thing in our afternoon ride without changing horses, plus some work on getting them to do a bigger trot on two sides of the arena and a slow western jog on the other two sides of the arena.


I may post more about camp tomorrow, though I may not if nothing very exciting happens. I’m really glad to be riding in the advanced camp where we get to do more!



Tacking Warren up today wasn’t easy.  His english saddle is slightly too wide, and he has withers, and he was cribbing while I was trying to saddle him. It took probably ten times before the saddle was in a somewhat acceptable position.

I warmed Warren up before my lesson, and when my trainer came, we worked on getting him to use his hindquarters. We had him work in more of a square around the arena instead of a circle, so he would have to do a turn on the forehand at the walk to turn. He didn’t exactly step over his other leg, so I had to continue turning him until he did step over. He ended up bucking in almost every corner of the arena. We did it in the other direction, where there was some improvement.

I cantered him, half halting with my outside rein and inside leg. There was major improvement from when I cantered him in the past, and we did it in the other direction before I cooled him down.

Reviewing the videos taken from today, I realized a few issues:

  • Warren just plods a lot and does not move at a good pace
  • I need to bring my shoulders back
  • I need to keep contact with my thighs
  • I need to stop posting off my feet

Overall, today was a great day! 😀

This past week was the first week of horse camp! It’s only three more weeks until my camp begins! Remember, I will be writing about it. 🙂


Pictures will be coming soon!

English Is Hard :(

Sorry for not posting recently…

It’s been rather uneventful the past few weeks. One week, Warren was sore from getting his feet trimmed. The next week, we did a bareback ride (and I may have fallen). The next week he got kicked by a horse and was limping, so I didn’t get to ride him again. And I had finals this past week.

During those weeks that I didn’t really ride, I ordered some paddock boots and half chaps. They came in, so I rode English during my lesson on Saturday. English riding is pretty hard.

At least compared to western riding. (Unless I’m just really used to western).

I got instruction on how to sit when riding English, in a close contact saddle. I was allowed to ride with longer than normal stirrups. I warmed him up by walking around in both directions, then brought him up into the trot. I posted the trot, which felt totally weird. I was sitting too heavily in the saddle and I was leaning too far back. I was told constantly to roll my thighs into the saddle, which I constantly forgot to do. I posted the trot for a while, then cantered him on the right lead. He had to hop up to get the lead, which made me fly out of the saddle before I sat his canter.

We did the same thing on the other side, then cooled him down. My trainer had to leave to teach the group lessons down at the main arena, so I went on a little trail ride around the property with my friend walking alongside. I untacked him the prepped his bucket, mucking the field while waiting for the beet pulp to soak.


Sore Pony :(

Saturday was one of those days that I didn’t really ride. Warren had gotten his feet trimmed just the day before, so I was going to only see if he was rideable. He wasn’t with an obvious limp on his front left hoof. Instead of being ridden, I let him chill out in the round pen for a  bit, then let him graze for a while before putting him away. It was a rather uneventful day, except for one part: Warren tore the shed down. There was a little covered shack for the horses to have some shade or protection from rain, and Warren had cribbed on it so much that the whole wall fell off and the shack was only standing because of one pillar.

Cribbing while being bridled

Cribbing while being bridled


I'm surprised it's actually standing still...

I’m surprised it’s actually standing still…

Deer Dressage

This post is very awkwardly written and short:

It was my first day with Warren to ride without any instruction, but I still rode in the dressage arena.

I made him the first part of his bucket before grabbing him from the pasture. I groomed him and tacked him up, then mounted and walked him into the arena. It was windy on Saturday, so Warren was less lazy than normal. I warmed him up by walking him a few times around the whole arena in both directions before trotting him. While trotting, I worked on getting him to do a nice extended trot, since he typically gave me a slow, lazy trot. I changed directions while riding him and worked on both directions. He kept shying from the area near the B marker, and also spooked at a deer in the bushes near the E marker.

I cantered him in both directions on one end of the arena, then let him walk on the other end near the gate. I stopped to talk to my mom for a second, and she pointed out something odd.

There was a deer in the arena.

Which I had never ever seen before.

Maybe the deer wanted to do dressage.

I waited for the deer to eventually leave before riding him a bit more. I fed him, put him in the pasture, and mucked out before leaving.

First Day With the Pony

Today was my first official day with Warren! I showed up at the ranch an hour before my lesson and got all my lease papers signed before getting Warren and tacking him up. In the lesson, I ended up working on getting Warren to extend his trot without trying to break into the canter (which apparently had been happening because of his confusion after other people test riding him) and getting him on the bit without leaning on it. Ivana visited, so after my ride, we gave him his bucket of feed and mucked out his field while he ate. We took him to the office to graze for a few minutes before I put him back into his field.

Ivana’s blog: equitator.wordpress.com