All of these are horses I have ridden. Click on their names to get more information on them!

~ : have not loped

* : not owned by Garrod Farms

**:ย never lived at Garrod Farms

+ : retired/sold

Horses I’ve ridden:

  1. Corona
  2. Elko +
  3. Pluto~
  4. Merlin ~
  5. Tonic ~
  6. Tonto
  7. Lakota
  8. Kash
  9. Raider ~
  10. Chuck-E
  11. Chief ~*
  12. Zazu~
  13. Sherlock ~
  14. Travis
  15. Smokey
  16. Ben ~
  17. Pedro
  18. Jupiter
  19. Nicoya
  20. Snickers
  21. Centaur
  22. Willy
  23. Utah
  24. Rey
  25. Shooter
  26. Cisco
  27. Joe (Joe Fog)
  28. Jetta
  29. Wizard (Wiz)
  30. Sekaiya**
  31. Elmo*
  32. Scout*~
  33. Carson
  34. Gary Cooper

44 thoughts on “Horses

    • Lakota. I’ll be making a post sometime in ythe near future (tomorrow or Monday) but I can’t right now. I am at a friend’s house, but i will start it now.

  1. Well she would like it to be and it is the girl in your camp who rod Paisley and she does not exactly know when she is doing camp.

    • Sum yue? Lol how does she not know? Because all camps are full now… Youre not doing camp with her? And If i can think of another horse like that i’ll let you know ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s not many bays that are short AND easy to go that are owned by garrods.

  2. Her parents did not tell her when yet but she is doing camp and she is doing Western C but I am doing Western B so yeah.

    • :p i think mine is either centaur or rey. I’ve only ridden joe once and we didn’t do much that lesson so i need to ride joe again to know what he’s like..

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