Meet Elko! He was my favorite horse  at Garrod’s. He is a mustang (you can’t see his brand) and considered a larger horse that was owned by Garrod’s. He is fleabitten gray and has a snip and a stripe that fades into his white. When you are not riding him, he is super sweet.  He does not try biting you, he just stands and does not mind you too much.  Elko is probably one of the easiest horses to bride at Garrod Farms, since he lowers his head SUPER low and opens his mouth for you.  When riding Elko, he becomes really energetic and crazy.  He has a normal walk, but a fast, springy trot and an extremely fast but smooth lope/canter.  It has a scoopy feeling, so you just have to sit there and control his speed, since he likes to speed off when you’re not paying attention. As Dakino says, “  It isn’t like a lope where it is like loping but there is a really smooth scooping feeling.”


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